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Band Members
Oliver Banjac Lead Guitar
Jamie McLean Lead Vocals
Stefan Candie Synths
Brody Krock Bass Guitar
Caleb Hilbich Drums

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About TheFlashJam

Remember the first day of school each year and there would be a new kid in your class? Do you recall how curious you were about that person and how you wondered what they were all about? TheFlashJam is that new kid. Clean cut, interesting, new, exciting and best of all, bad-ass! Coming out of nowhere in the Edmonton music scene with their edgy rock/pop, synth-driven sound, the band is quickly becoming a prominent presence, and their strong stage presence reinforces their recorded sound. Releasing their debut self-titled EP before ever even playing a show together, along with picking up an endorsement deal with Die Young Collective, they are really taking the road less traveled. In the short time since their beginning, the band has shared the stage with major Canadian record label groups such as Faber Drive, Crash Karma & Stereos. The future looks promising as the band is currently receiving regular airplay from their debut EP on numerous radio stations across Alberta with more stations being added on a steady basis.