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Emerging in the late '90s, Joseph Owusu (Baga Luu) has the utmost potential to become one of the (UK) urban culture biggest crossover success story's’ in the Hip-Hop Genre, toppled with a high stack as a commercially potent artist, in the international market. Baga Luu is also more than just a typical flash in the pan, his music is unabashedly geared toward good times, a friendly (seductive) persona, and catchy party anthems. Joseph Owusu, was born in the wealthy state of Kumasi Ghana and was nicknamed after a bizarre sequence of events, that till this day remains a mystery. At age 12, he joined his extended family in Germany and soon began performing and gracing headline shows as a supporting act, with locally popular ‘Hip-Hop’ infused acts from the Echte Music Blaze, Rap Soul CJ, Tayfun kaan to say the lest. Although his popularity status grew, a steady income proved to be a more pressing matter however, Baga Luu decided to take the leap of faith and pursue his music career in the United Kingdom where his fortunate union, with 'XWAVE RECORDS' prolific magical producer ‘Danny Manu’ ignited. He cut his first inescapable hit ‘Wingalo’ which is loosely designed as a respectful tribute to womankind, under the label in the third quater of 2011. Now firmly a star in the United Kingdom, Baga Luu plans to conquer Europe with his Ultra-mix EP release including bonus track which aims to duplicate ‘Wingalo’ success. Compliments to his nourishing producer Danny Manu, a multi-instrumentalist known primarily for his ability to successfully capture intensity and the blend of digital sound, to create a fury that often sounds downright amazing once mastered. Recently, Mr. Manu has increasingly worked with softer acts like ‘Cathy JJ’ where his bare-bones aesthetic brings a riveting, yet vivid texture of creativity, to his gift. Baga says quote “Mr. Manu, who is generally refers to as the Genius of “in-your-face” guitar and drum sounds and chart-ready blueprints, similar to that of hip-hop star ‘Timberland’, has a fairly eclectic tastes and produces nothing-less than a phenomenal anthem-based classics, giving his records a musical variety, which is lacking from other stars in Uk Hip-Hop genre” Baga go on to say “I am very fortunate”. The debut ‘EP’ marks the beginning of the ‘New-Commercial-Rap’ era, as the production and social commentary in Baga Luu’s lyrics, are revolutionary within his genre and inspired from Hip-Hop pionneers NWA, LL Cool J and similar acts. Baga Luu’s confidence as a Rapper and creativity as a writer, propels him to maverick status in the Hip-Hop music world. He defies any easy pigeonhole. By turns, he understands sounds, picks a mountain banjo to accompany an ancient ballad, raps over a witty song about modern life, harmonises a sweet Urban melody and can lace lyrics on a swings of a hot jazz number, whiles cementing depth, for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world, all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. ”It's not just a wealth of musical styles or his smooth and expressive voice that have made ‘Baga Luu’ such a fine artist” says his management. His songs, which range from thoughtful to silly to seductive and poetic, shows that he knows his way around the urban culture, just as well as he knows his way around, current affairs.