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About Queen Oh Keen

Hi Guys! First of all, THANK YOU for stopping by! It's always a pleasure for me to see that where ever you come from in the world, music is what keeps us together and relate to one another! ;) Anyway! Let me introduce myself! I'll try to keep it brief! So, I'm originally from France. I was born in 1992... So, I'm 19. As long as I can remember, I started to sing before I could even speak French, or any other languages, ever since I was a little girl! Music has always been a part of me as I breathe! I have started to compose my own songs in my early teenage years and I've never stopped since! I mostely compose dance music as my influences are Nervo, David Guetta, or Benny Benassi! And apparently, my songs sound very much like the three of them! About my voice, I would say it's about soul and I reckon I pretty much sound like James Morrison but in a female kind of way! You can now imagine what my voice is like when I put my voice onto my dance songs! It would be like James Morrison or Adele singing on one of David Guetta's song! Then, everything started for me one night! After a brief performance in front of an XXL audience (400 people, which is quite huge for me!) when I was fourteen, people's feedbacks were so positiv that it encouraged me to pursue my passion and take it to another level! Since then, I've never stopped to try to get better and better to kindda "honour" my passion and people's love for my music! That's it! I hope I didn't bore you too much with my life! Well, I wish to see more and more comments about what you hear whether you like it or not because in the end, my music is all about pleasing you and make nicer the trip you're about to take into my world! WELCOME ON BOARD!