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Artist Name
Friends Of Emmet




Band Members
Mark Leddy Lead Vocals
Brian Lynam Lead Guitar
Keith Geraghty Bass Guitar
Tim Boland Rhythm Guitar
Gary Sullivan Drums

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About Friends Of Emmet

Friends Of Emmet (F.O.E) is a band originally from Dublin, Ireland, but now based in Los Angeles CA. F.O.E. will release State Of Mind in 2012; the album will consist of eleven songs, all of which have been licensed to MTV. One of the tracks, "Hero," will be featured in the independent movie "The Saving." Another song, "Coming Apart," is a tribute to Kevin Hines, who attempted to take his own life at the young age of 19, yet survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Hines is one of the few to ever survive the suicide plunge from 245 feet above the water. Upon hearing about Hines’ story, the band found themselves inspired by the turn of events and wrote "Coming Apart" in his honour. All funds from the single "Coming Apart" will be going towards the Collateral Damage Project based in Thunder Bay, Canada.Helping to increase awareness and education for Suicide Prevention.We look forward to being in Toronto for CMW 2012 Friends Of Emmet are receiving airplay support in multiple countries including America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Australia and the UK