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The Story so far....... BELTANE FIRE was originally formed by Soda Lee as a recording project, but it rapidly evolved into a dynamic live act. It is a fully original Hard Rock band Inspired by timeless and classic Hard Rock influences, blended with the passion, anger and rebellion of the hardest power bands of the 80s & 90s. The the songs are high energy yet melodic, with a deep blues/bass driven edge. Soda, known by friends and band fans as Perth's Wiccan Rock songstress, has been involved in the local music industry most of her life, in areas of performance, multi-media and promotion. She has written songs as far back as she can remember, but at this point is simply enjoying the ride playing and recording again after recovering from a supposedly incurable vocal condition which completely took away her voice for near on ten years. Her vocal ability now reinvented with a rich sensual warmth yet projecting a powerful rip sometimes compared to Anastasia or a female Dio. Soda loves theatrics, and on stage will entertain in true rock star style with an authentic energy and passion as she embraces her newly found sound. She lives the Pagan/Wiccan philosophy which inspires her songwriting, and her life in general. Pete is a long standing member of the Perth hard rock scene with a rich history of hard rock bands, performing and recording. He has a strong metal background and an ability to create outstanding deep, heavy guitar melodies, complimenting vocal harmonies and accompanying guitar perfectly. He joined in September 2010 when he became inspired by the the band's material and direction, which allows him to explore a more creative side of his own playing. Pete is also the founding member of long running original hard core metal project ILLGOTTEN. Tony Mcluskey, also a long time local Hard Rocker and has fronted numerous Perth bands since the early nineties, starting with BLACK CHROME 91-93, vocals and lead Guitar, CRAZEE JANE 93 - 96, lead Vocals and lead guitar, RETRO GROOVE, 1998 lead vocals, WYSTERIA 2008 - 2010 lead vocals and acoustic guitar, corporate acts, STEPPIN' BACK and ALMOST SLAYED, who toured the East Coast of Australia in 2010. He has fabulous vocal ability and a clean, melodic, yet awesomely powerfull guitar sound which again contrasts and compliments Pete's 'grungier and evil' guitar tones. Adelaide born and of Argentinian heritage, Viv Canini moved to Perth in 2007, after completing Cert. 1V in Music in 2006. After conquering cancer in 2008, she committed herself to improving her musical skills and has since worked hard in driving and managing bands and gigs. Viv plays with a driving jazz rock style suiting the material perfectly. She also plays cello and clarinet, and gains inspiration from Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten and Steve Harris, to name a few. Her previous bands include MAIDENHEAD, CRANKENSTEIN and SERAPHYN, and she is also a current member of corporate act 'EDGE OF BLUE'. On Drums is local ledge Lee aka 'Leroy' Cleaver. One of Perth's most powerful and prolific drummers, Leroy has played constantly for twenty years plus, and has been a nucleus member of some of Perth's leading rock and blues bands He is an original member of THE SHINKICKERS, and a founding member of THE NOMADIC DRUIDS, Gerry Quigley's upcoming original project started at the beginning of 2011 BELTANE FIRE is not your average rock band. It is a majical musical journey resulting from the coming together of five of Perth's most experienced and creative musicians, as they combine their talents as a group for the first time creating a sound and style never heard in Perth before. Al material lyrics, melodies and arrangements are APRA. and IMR. Licenced to Soda Lee and BELTANE FIRE* The songs in music player are clean and basic demos. They are currently being re-recorded and are a small sample of the material now written. They also bear no comparison to the Live sound of the band. A Debut CD is scheduled for 2012. Please 'LIKE' our Page, your support is very much appreciated Ppl (: Thanks to our friend and Publicist Steve Moore, ex-Sydney music journo for his support and unbiased Bio & media assistance. Soda Lee @!/beltanefire!/beltanefire,,