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Artist Name
One Day Late



Facebook: http://www.fac


Band Members
Greg Bodnar Bass Guitar
Elton Davidge Lead Vocals
Dustin Gruninger Lead Guitar
Jeff Norris Rhythm Guitar
Keith McMillan Drums

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About One Day Late

Rock and Roll can be defined in a multitude of ways. It has been called a forward, energetic, and electric form of rhythm & rhyme. Others have taken a more poetic approach: “To rock is to rouse, to roll is to ravish, and to ride the thunder is to raise up the soul.”

Whichever way you slice it, the members of Edmonton-based Rock group One Day Late believe in the ability of rock music to provide an escape. Whether it is a catchy melody or a specific lyric, rock music can be empowering and the vibe it creates spreads like wildfire when in the right setting.

Forming in 2007, this is the mood ODL has tried to create, through writing in relation to common life experiences, as well as during live performances. Influenced by those artists who carved the classic rock path and pushed the boundaries of creativity, the group does not forget the foundation that was laid before them. Rather they embrace it wholeheartedly, fusing classic guitar styling with modern music culture. The result -- a high-energy show that embraces crowd interactions, sing-alongs, guitar duels and leaves you with an everlasting warm, fuzzy feeling.

Don't let this fool you. The members of One Day Late are very serious when it comes to developing their passion and creating a product that will attract an array of music lovers and leave them wanting more. They have achieved success in this approach with an ever-growing local fan base, as well as establishing their presence as one of the up-and-coming Rock groups in Edmonton, AB. Because of this, they have been fortunate to share the stage with Canadian acts such as State of Shock, Age of Daze, Marcy Playground and Starewell, and have successfully headlined notable venues within their market.

Like any other growing band, they have also experienced their share of trial and tribulation with tough decisions that would change the make up of the band and test their commitment to their passion. They have taken this in stride with the intent that everything will come full circle. Amidst all else, One Day Late is ready to show the fruits of their labor, and in the age of "techno-pop" and the flash-in-the-pan "craze of the moment", promise to deliver one solid Rock and Roll Show!