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About Kay-9

Whats up....

My names Wayne Aka Kay-9,
I was born down town Toronto and grew up in Scarborough, I was raised by my pops and cousin moving from project to projects, when i was about 8 we finaly stopped moving and settled in Malvern. After several insidents: dead friends, cops, shootings and more, my dad felt enough was enough, after spending some nights in juvi and the courts my dad moved to the country, in a little town called Madoc. After being in madoc for 3 years i couldn't take any more and moved back when i was 19. I then quickly got my lisence-g2,forklift and security, after realizing I didnt want to do any of the above i stuck with music and began posting songs on youtube. I've bin recording since i was 15 but just shortly decided to post them world wide for whom ever to see. I'm currently working for the city driving a (Rock Truck) if your not to sure what that is i've posted a picture in my photo's check it out....Then check out the music....... 
I believe i am onli progressing with my rhymes if u notice in each song from old to new they onli getting better and fatser. A cuple of insperations would be: Bonethugs n Harmony, Lil wayne, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Big L, Tupac, Biggie Smalls and many more.
I dont have to much more to say so on that note
check out my stuff go to youtube and check out my channel and the videos veiw comment subscribe and tell a friend thanx.....

Kay-9......MoneyMakingMuzik & CrystalLake....