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Artist Name
the Heavies




Band Members
Darcy Cooper Guitar
Jack Donovan Lead Guitar
Landon Clarkson Drums
Andrea Krepleka Keyboards
Mike Grist Bass Guitar

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About the Heavies

Darcy Cooper had been writing songs for more than 10 years when he met Jack Donovan, a multi-instrumentalist who trained in audio engineering.  The two quickly realized they shared a similar taste in music and had complimentary song writing styles.  One day while grocery shopping together, they decided that they would record an improvised song upon arriving home.  The song was called “Poisoned Purple” (a mood ring reference), and they called themselves “the Heavies.”  Their sessions started to happen more frequently and involved other members of the Toronto music scene.  Further defining their sound the natural thing to do was to form a band.

Their sound is, as their name implies, heavy.  Not heavy like hard rock, but heavy like the weight of the world.  Using minor chords and laboured tempos, the band speaks directly to the honest human soul.  The low, vulnerable rhythm guitar is perfectly complimented by confident lead melodies.  The drums, bass, and keys add weight and shape that provide a certain lushness to the overall sound of the band. The Heavies write songs that are philosophically and emotionally charged.  They are songs of submission and defeat, of the ruins left behind by defeated love affairs.